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What our customers are saying


"Straightforward ... because you don't have to code to get it running and you get a pricing page as well."

Lucas - Loopcv

"PriceWell has really improved our customer’s payment experience and reduced our development time significantly. Best part of it was the fast and effective integration. It only took us some minutes of setup!"

Simon - ecopureroom

"I have another site needing the subscription facility, we’ll look at that."

How it works

Connect with Stripe
Customize your design
Copy the code snippet
Collect payments
Want to see the end result? Check out our own pricing, built with PriceWell.

Connect your Stripe account and select Plans to feature.

Pricing plans are pulled automatically from your Stripe account. Haven't set your pricing up in Stripe yet? No worries, you can do it from PriceWell and everything syncs to Stripe.

Designed to match your website

Design and Customize your Pricing Page, so it matches your website’s theme and attitude. You can change it any time you want and the changes happen live on your pricing page. No need to wait for a developer to update your pricing.

Copy the generated Snippet

Upon finishing customizing, the generated snippet can be copied into your website's html. Our algorithm checks for safe installation and whether the pricing plans you have just created are online for your customers to use.

You are ready to collect payments 🎉

Without a single line of code written. Now you can concentrate on providing value for your customers without worrying whether your payment process is working.

Grow your business with our tailored pricing

Oh, and our pricing is made with PriceWell

* excluding Stripe Transaction Fees
What is MRR?

Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is what makes your SaaS tick. It's calculated by adding up the value of all your monthly subscriptions in Stripe (minus discounts of course). MRR increases when new customers sign up through your pricing page. MRR decreases when your customers cancel their subscription (churn).