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Looking for a Chargebee alternative?


PriceWell is much cheaper than Chargebee. When you sign up to Chargebee, you will be asked to guess your monthly revenue and charged you based on that. Plus you get charged if you make more money than you said you would! At PriceWell, we simply charge a pertentage of your subscription payments, no hidden costs if you make more money (heck, we might even send you a cake). The deal is simple, if you grow we grow. So it’s in our interests to make sure your subscription billing flow is world class.

Complex Platform vs Simplicity

The Chargebee platform is just overkill for most SaaS businesses. If you are starting out, you will be unlikely to need some of the enterprise features offered by Chargebee. They will

Keep your own branding

When you users sign up to your website, you want them to have the feeling that every page is part of the same company. You don’t want to whisk them off to some other webpage that looks nothing like the one they came from. With PriceWell’s drag and drop pricing pages, you control exactly how it looks. We don’t use hosted pages with bright orange banners all over them.